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Human resource management involves a wide range of tasks such as hiring, performance management, human resource planning, succession planning, policies and procedures, legalities, and pay. We have trained and recruited some of the best HR talent and have risen to the position of premier HR consultant. Some components of human resource management are intangible, and only an expert can comprehend and forecast the intricacies of human resource management.

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Career Development

We welcome newcomers to the realm of career development and assist them in becoming qualified to give career education, information, advice, and counselling. We establish government-recognized professional practise standards, such as the Akeesoft Solutions Code of Ethics, and provide resources and training to our members to help them grow.

Members of Akeesoft Solutions enjoy a variety of benefits, including professional registration and training, networking with other practitioners in our many communities, receiving frequent magazines and updates, and much more.

Looking for a First-Class Finance Firm?

We welcome and celebrate different perspectives to help our firm, our clients and our people.

Our Solutions

It Staffing & Consulting

Direct Placements

Placement of experts on a contractual basis for long-term projects.

Contract Staffing

Offering temporary IT support.

Training and Education

Offering corporate IT training and business education to improve a team’s performance.

Managed IT Services

Offering infrastructural help by managing IT workflows and ideal resource utilization.

Project-Based Staffing

Offering skilled professionals, either a team or an independent professional, solely on a project basis.

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