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24/7 Database Managed Services With Remote DBA Support For Healthy Databases

Our 24/7 Fully Managed Database Service handles database management and operational support. Akeesoft follows a proactive approach to monitoring and optimizing databases, ensuring your systems are always healthy and running smoothly, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Unleash the potential of your mission-critical systems.

Akeesoft continuously optimizes your database systems to ensure high performance and uninterrupted availability. With a team of highly skilled database experts, we become an integral part of your team, going beyond traditional consultation services. We prepare your database to embrace future innovations, ensuring it is always ready for what’s next.

Whether you need full-time database support, specialized expertise, or assistance filling skill gaps, our remote DBAs and administrators are available to provide support. Collaborating with Akeesoft allows you to focus on critical tasks while we handle database management, ensuring optimal performance.

24/7 Operational Expertise,
365 days of the year

Lower Operational Costs

Our in-house monitoring tool automates the process of ensuring a healthy database, while our team of database experts maintains maximum performance.

DB Support

Our remote DBA experts possess expertise across a wide range of technologies. We provide support for over 5 different databases and data environments.

Remote DBA Support

A dedicated team of database experts is assigned to provide 24/7, 365 days a year support for monitoring, alerting, and optimizing database performance.

Database Optimization with Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Approach

Proactively managing databases ensures optimal performance, security, and reliability. Continuous monitoring and preemptive actions lead to improved efficiency and reduced downtime.

Delivering Future-Ready

We deliver future-proof database management systems, ensuring scalability, security, and innovation. Trust us to safeguard your data and support your evolving needs.

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Remote DBA Support

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24/7 Technical DB Support

Our expert remote DBA team provides 24/7 support, handling incidents/alerts, proactive management, and other services to ensure  database availability.

Multi-platform Support

Our database team comprises experts in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and associated DBaaS options, ensuring comprehensive support.

We Partner

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On-Demand Support

Choose us as your trusted partner for database optimization and performance. We ensure efficiency, enhancing the functionality and speed of your databases.

Focus on Business

Skip the hassle of talent resourcing. Our experts ensure your database runs smoothly, eliminating the need for exhaustive recruitment processes.

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Keep your Database Future Ready

By partnering with Akeesoft, you’ll attain peak database performance and security. Benefit from reliable day-to-day operations and ongoing optimizations for your database environments. We’ll help transform your databases into high-performing, secure, future-proof systems.

Partnering with us ensures the health of your database.

You’ll benefit from 24/7 database management, automated alerting, and monitoring at a reduced cost. Our enterprise-level tooling and transformation services ensure optimized data systems.

24/7 Database Support

Round-the-clock database support, available every day of the year, ensures uninterrupted operation, rapid issue resolution, and peace of mind for your business.

Future Ready Database

Optimize your database systems to ensure future-proofing, enhancing resilience, scalability, and adaptability for evolving business needs and technological advancements.

Proactive Database Diagnosis

Predict and diagnose database issues preemptively, averting downtime and ensuring seamless operations through proactive monitoring and advanced analytics.

Database Performance Optmization

Enhance your server's delivery by boosting database system performance, ensuring faster load times, smoother user experiences, and improved site functionality.

Be Ahead With Robust Datbase Systems

Stay ahead in database management by proactively anticipating needs, optimizing performance, and implementing seamless user experiences and enhanced functionality.

Data Is key,We Make Take Security Seriously

We prioritize data security in database management, implementing rigorous measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring utmost protection for your data assets.

Ensure your Data Management Success with
Akeesoft Database Management Services​