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How to Connect to SQL Server Running in a Windows Server

Before moving forward on the Login concept, it is also important to understand about Login and User

Login is used to connect to the SQL Server, means as SQL Instance Level

User is available at Database Level

Only If Login and user is mapped, Logged in user will be able to connect to the database.

Now let us see step by step process on how to connect to SQL Server

1. Install SSMS from Latest SSMS 19.2(https://aka.ms/ssmsfullsetup) ,Follow the step by step guide on how to install SSMS.


2. Select Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication


2.1 Windows Authentication will be with the credentials you logged into the Windows Server,Login will be auto-fetched and cannot be edited.To connect with Windows Authentication ,the Login should have access to the sql server.

2.2 SQL Login means , Login created with Login name and Password

Login creation done with password

Sqldbee Login is having sysadmin access ,which is highest privilege,sysadmin is permission level,which is mostly given to SQL DBA.

Need to Provide Server Name/Instance Name and Login and Password, if already access provided, Able to connect to SQL Server