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How to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition

Are you looking to install SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition?

Then, this post will be your one stop , for getting detailed step by step process for Installation of SQL Server.

sql installation setup file


Double click on the above setup file, you will get below wizard.

sql setup wizard

Setup file folder will open

sql server executable file

Under Installation, select New SQL Server Stand alone installation

run sql server installation

Below window will show to process the operation.

setup in process

Under product key,enter the product key

sql server license details

Accept the terms.

sql server terms accept

Now will show global rules to check the process.

sql server rules

Below product rules will show.click next.

product sql server details

Under Install Rules,If all passed next button can see.Click on next.

sql server pre checks

Selecting the features and selecting the location of sql server setup and files.

sql server features select
sql server configuration
sql server instance selection
sql server services configuration1
sql server authentication selection
sql server more configuation
sql server installation summary
sql server installation in progress
sql server installation successful
sql server version details sql cmd

With this post,I explained detailed step by step with screenshots on how to Install SQL Server.

To connect to SQL server, require a tool ,which is explained in another post with details steps on how to install SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)